Just a beautiful Shoot!

We loved doing this baby shoot. The shoot was done in their home in Johannesburg. Finding a well lit room, and making it ultra comfy for the baby was very easy and we started shooting right away. Baby photography is something we really love doing and Andrea’s pics show off our style and personal touch beautifully.

Baby Photography - IMG_7296 Baby Photography - IMG_7233 Baby Photography - IMG_7245 Baby Photography - IMG_7224 Baby Photography - IMG_7234 Baby Photography - IMG_7348 Baby Photo - IMG_7357 Baby Photo - IMG_7363 Baby Photo - IMG_7367 Baby Photography - IMG_7331 Baby Photo - IMG_7404 Baby Photo - IMG_7409 Baby Photo - IMG_7416 Baby Photo - IMG_7430 Baby Photo - IMG_7436 Baby Photo - IMG_7487

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