This is the second time we get to photograph sweet Annabelle.

The colors of autumn is just amazing and probably the best time of the year to have photos taken, whether it is family, maternity or baby photos. She was just too adorable and truly loved the outdoors and all attention on her. This is location photography at its glorious best.

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baby photo - IMG_0005 baby photo - IMG_0015 baby photo - IMG_0017 baby photo - IMG_0016 baby photo - IMG_0019 baby photo - IMG_0023 baby photo - IMG_0036 baby photo - IMG_0037 baby photo - IMG_0060 baby photo - IMG_0071 baby shoot - IMG_0119 baby shoot - IMG_0094 baby shoot - IMG_0106-2 baby shoot - IMG_0123 baby shoot - IMG_0161 baby shoot - IMG_0142 baby shoot - IMG_0143 baby shoot - IMG_0131 baby shoot - IMG_0139 baby shoot - IMG_0187 baby shoot - IMG_0214-2 baby shoot - IMG_0217 baby shoot - IMG_0216 baby shoot - IMG_0196



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