Fine art photography gallery.

This online gallery is created to showcase my creative and artistic side.

Showcased work is for sale and can be purchased via email.
The art pieces here are all limited edition works. And is available in various sizes and medium.

Commissioned  work

We do commissioned  work for home interior or office spaces. Each commissioned job is charged on a case by case basis. Please contact me for more information and costings.


Current Exhibition : Macro Insects

Special offer for my first exhibit. 10% off all orders until 30 June 2020.


Name – Ladybird Lila. 2/100


Name – Lady Lavender. 2/100


Name – Ladybird Green. 2/100

Name – Ladylay. 2/100

Name – Lady Dot. 2/100


Name – Lady Lemon. 2/100



The image is printed on fine art canvas and wrapped around a hand-made timber frame with bracing to prevent warping. The finished product is treated with a UV varnish that locks in the colour and gives the canvas a vibrant colour effect. 

Canvas without framing

  • A1 Canvas Print (60x90cm) R 2600.00
  • A2 Canvas Print (40x60cm) R 1700.00
  • A3 Canvas Print (30x40cm) R 1050.00
  • A4 Canvas Print (20x30cm) R 750.00

Canvas & Stretch framing

  • A1 Stretch Framing (60x90cm) R 3550.00
  • A2 Stretch Framing (40x60cm) R 2350.00
  • A3 Stretch Framing (30x40cm) R 1500.00
  • A4 Stretch Framing (20x30cm) R 950.00 


Smooth natural colour on acid free 270gm  paper that delivers exceptional print results with the look and feel and longevity of a heavy, matte offset paper. A smooth natural colour on acid free paper that delivers exceptional print results.

FineArt Velvet without framing

  • A1 Velvet Art Print (60x90cm) R 2600.00
  • A2 Velvet Art Print (40x60cm) R 1700.00
  • A3 Velvet Art Print (30x40cm) R 1050.00
  • A4 Velvet Art Print (20x30cm) R 750.00

To order please send us an email:




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