Marlize has a wonderful family, and they were all just great for the shoot.

Wanting a bushveld feel we scouted an area that gave just that look right here in the heart of Johannesburg to get a great on location site. Dressed in their jeans and farm hats, we started shooting. Family photography makes for some fun and interesting shots, and using the late afternoon sun, we created a great feel and warmth to the pics.

Enjoy these family photos and scroll down to see some more.

Family Photo - IMG_0027 Family Photo - IMG_0048 Family Photo - IMG_0093 Family Photo - IMG_0111 Family Photo - IMG_0072 Family Photo - IMG_9485 Family Photo - IMG_9499 Family Photo - IMG_9512 Family Photo - IMG_9547 Family Photo - IMG_9584 Family Photo - IMG_9607 Family Photo - IMG_9636 Family Shoot - IMG_9748 Family Shoot - IMG_9767 Family Shoot - IMG_9770 Family Shoot - IMG_9832 2 Family Shoot - IMG_9860 Family Shoot - IMG_9931 Family Shoot - IMG_9938 Family Shoot - IMG_9920 Family Shoot - IMG_9957 Family Shoot - IMG_9795 Family Shoot - IMG_9942


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