Whether you want professional photographs of your kiddie for your home, for granny or for the start of their modelling careers, we always enjoy capturing their amazing and often funny moments.

The best time for a kiddie shoot is in the morning. They are still fresh and can keep their attention just a bit better. If you are imagining a 2 – 4 hour shoot, you would be completely wrong. These little guys last about an hour. So as soon as we arrive on location we start snapping.

We show them poses and help them pose. We also use props and pull funny faces to keep them smiling and entertained. But most of the time as soon as they see the camera, it’s like a sign for them to start posing and you will be amazed at how great the little “models” are.

Of course it’s not just about them, we always encourage parents to join in the shoot, as this is an ideal time to capture some stunning family photos as well.

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