A stunning family shoot and new born shoot on location in JHB.

New born photos is always so much fun, we absolutely love doing them. Best part is every shoot is different and special for us. Baby Ava was just the sweetest little thing. She made the new born shoot super easy. Photographing the family in home made for some stunning natural and relaxed images, even managed 4 generations in one pic – just awesome..

Hope you enjoy the pics.

If you like our style Contact us  and have look at our shoot preparations, and have a look at some of our other work

new born photo_MG_0455 new born photo_MG_0445 New born Photo_MG_0010 New born Photo_MG_0024 New born Photo_MG_0422 New born Photo_MG_0437 New born Photo_MG_0076 New born Photo_MG_0072 New born Photo_MG_0398 New born Photo_MG_0297 New born Photo_MG_0289 New born Photo_MG_0233 New born Photo_MG_0228 New born Photo_MG_0329 new born photo_MG_0469 new born photo_MG_0480 new born photo_MG_0482 new born photo_MG_0478 new born photo_MG_0487 new born photo_MG_0490 new born photo_MG_0497

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