A beautiful little girl.

Chris and Daniella have the most beautiful little lady, and her name is Hayley and we were fortunate todo their new born shoot. She was all to eager to appear and shot into their lives a lot earlier than expected. The new born shoot was done in her new room. We used the natural light and warmth of the room to capture Hayley in all her splendour. Have a look at the pics of this amazing family and their precious little one.

baby shoot - IMG_5346 baby shoot - IMG_5341 baby shoot - IMG_5340 Newborn shoot - IMG_5312 Newborn shoot - IMG_4941 Newborn shoot - IMG_4986 Newborn shoot - IMG_4987 Newborn shoot - IMG_4942 Newborn shoot - IMG_4948 Newborn shoot - IMG_4992
Newborn shoot - IMG_4990

Newborn shoot - IMG_5004 Newborn shoot - IMG_5003 Newborn shoot - IMG_5336 baby shoot - IMG_5354 baby shoot - IMG_5383 baby shoot - IMG_5373 Newborn shoot - IMG_5319 Newborn shoot - IMG_5317 baby shoot - IMG_5366 baby shoot - IMG_5353 baby shoot - IMG_5400 baby shoot - IMG_5409



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