Stunning maternity shoot in Melville.

The shoot was great, they loved the camera and the camera loved them.  You can clearly see this in their pregnancy shoot. We chose a graffiti and road location shoot and used the amazing colours in the surrounding area to show the two off. Maternity photography is always so  much fun and we had a great mix of fun and sensual shots, capturing the magic of the miracle of life.

If you like our style Contact us  and have look at our shoot preparations, and have a look at some of our other work

pregnancy shoot - IMG_0010 pregnancy shoot - IMG_0015 pregnancy shoot - IMG_0007 pregnancy shoot - IMG_0018 pregnancy shoot - IMG_0041 pregnancy shoot - IMG_0026 pregnancy shoot - IMG_0031 pregnancy shoot - IMG_0032 pregnancy shoot - IMG_0047 pregnancy shoot - IMG_0067 pregnancy shoot - IMG_0071 maternity shoot - IMG_0086 maternity shoot - IMG_0095 maternity shoot - IMG_0091 maternity shoot - IMG_0141 pregnancy shoot - IMG_0078 maternity shoot - IMG_0138 maternity shoot - IMG_0151 maternity shoot - IMG_0185 IMG_0120 maternity shoot - IMG_0187 maternity shoot - IMG_0196 maternity shoot - IMG_0218 maternity shoot - IMG_0215 maternity shoot - IMG_0207

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